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Child Care Center, Chikusa-Ku, Nagoya, Preschool & Kindergarten to Grade 2

A Warm Welcome To The Mini United Nations

Everyone feels at home in our diverse, friendly community. A play-based program that follows international standards keeps your child engaged through world-class early education. When you have friends from all over the world, your life is richer.

Kindergarten-Ready Anywhere In The World

With high-quality learning experiences and expert care, expat families feel assured that their children stay on track with peers in their home country and local families benefit from an international-standard start.

Blended Curriculums For International Standards

Combining the best programs from the USA, UK, and Australia ensures a well-rounded, whole-child approach for your little one’s development. Engaging play and age-appropriate STEAM activities instill a love of learning that will serve them throughout life and their travels.

Flexibility That Suits You!

We Offer 3 Time Options:

1 To 5 Days A Week!

Expert Care From Qualified Teachers

Expert Care From Qualified Teachers

An experienced Director with over 30 years in education guides passionate and qualified teachers through tailored lessons to help your child investigate, explore, and discover learning experiences that support their intellectual and social growth.

Small Classes Mean Individualized Attention

Your child thrives in a small school licensed for just 30 children, with class sizes ranging from 3 to 10. In familiar groups, teachers have time to dedicate to each child, to offer nurturing care that allows their individuality and creativity to shine.

Classroom State required
teacher-to-student ratio
Our ratios
Infant (0 years old)
1 to 2 years old
3 years old
4 to 5 years old
Small Classes Mean Individualized Attention
Small Classes Mean Individualized Attention

Yoga, Mindfulness, & More For Social-Emotional Development

Your child’s dedicated teachers use yoga, mindfulness, and trusted Love & Logic© techniques to encourage their social-emotional skills, including independence and a growth mindset. Get the support you need with additional courses for parents.

Visiting Nagoya Short-Term?

Take Advantage Of Our Hometown Mama Program, Kids Club, Saturday School, & Afternoon Enrichment Classes

Daily Outdoor Play For Fresh Air & Exercise

Your child enjoys time outdoors every day to get them moving, building crucial muscle groups, and practicing gross motor skills. They have fun with their friends while taking in the fresh air and sunshine as they grow strong and healthy.

Tasty Lunches Encourage Enthusiastic Eaters Now

Tasty Lunches Encourage Enthusiastic Eaters Now

Children under 1 and those with dietary restrictions bring their own lunch. Others receive, for a small fee, a catered, allergen-free lunch program. Delicious, nutritious meals transform even the fussiest eaters into adventurous samplers who love to try new dishes.

“Children learn through play and seeing their eyes light up with each new discovery is a daily miracle.”

A Shuttle Service Delivers Them From Door-To-Door

Take advantage of a convenient shuttle service that transports your child to and from care in harnessed safety. Shuttles are available for any children older than 12 months in the PRE+ course.*

*Restrictions may apply due to proximity.

Regular Communication So You’re Always In The Know

A convenient, easy-to-use app makes home-school communication a breeze. Stay on track with your child’s progress and be in touch with all the updates; message their teacher. You feel connected and up to date with open communication and handy features:

How We Keep Your Family Safe

How We Keep Your Family Safe
How We Keep Your Family Safe

Hear What Parents Have To Say...

"The teachers are very professional and the school is opened to the local community"
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This is an awesome school!!! The teachers are very professional and the school is opened to the local community. Their monthly library is a great opportunity to know how good they are. Both my son and I are so happy to know this school is near us 🙂

- Miwa Murata

"Incredible place for our toddler, where he can learn by playing, and find love & security anytime he wants or needs."
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The activities are so diverses that he s learning an impressive things from bugs to emotions, computers, sciences, or daily life! Thanks for creating and managing such an amazing pre school!

- Gwenaelle Gallea

"I recommend Playpourri and Rowena to foreigners and Japanese!!!"
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All the teachers were warm and welcoming but as a mum I especially appreciated the lesson planning, money well spent! I recommend Playpourri and Rowena to foreigners and Japanese alike. Second to none, thank you so much Rowena and team for making our time there so wonderful. The kids and I keep track through f/b, love the fun food snacks.

- Vanessa Brown


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